Biden Slanders Trump Over Iran Conflict

Image credit: Republic of Buzz

Biden may have forgotten he started this conflict…

Former Vice President Joe Biden blamed President Donald Trump for escalating conflicts with Tehran.

“He unilaterally withdrew from the hard-won nuclear agreement that the Obama-Biden Administration negotiated to stop Iran from getting a nuclear weapon,” Biden said in a statement, calling Trump’s Iran strategy a “self-inflicted disaster.”

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“Make no mistake: Iran continues to be a bad actor that abuses human rights and supports terrorist activities throughout the region,” he wrote.

Biden called for a return to “leadership” to solve the crisis with Iran.

“The nuclear deal threw Iran’s dictatorship a political and economic lifeline, providing urgently needed relief from the intense domestic pressure the sanctions had created,” Trump said while announcing his decision. “It also gave the regime an immediate financial boost and over $100 billion dollars its government could use to fund terrorism.”

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