Angry Democrats DOUBLE DOWN On Trump

Image credit: NBC News

They are just mad they couldn’t convict him.

Recently on ABC, House impeachment manager Rep. Madeleine Dean (D-PA) demanded for a full commission to investigate the “insurrection” that happened at the U.S. Capitol even after former President Trump was acquitted.

According to Breitbart, Dean was asked by ABC’s Stephanopoulos asked, “On this question of a 9/11 style commission. Is that something you believe the House and Senate should pursue at this point?”

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Dean responded, “Think about it. For the first time in however many years, we had an insurrection incited by the president of the United States where five people died, more have died since, hundreds were injured, people lost fingers, lost eyesight. The House was desecrated. The Capitol was desecrated. People were terrorized. This was incited by the president of the United States. Of course there must be a full commission, an impartial commission, not guided by politics but filled with people who would stand up to the courage of their conviction like Dr. Cassidy.”

You can watch a clip of Dean’s comments here.

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