Andy Ngo HITS Back At Portland Government

Image Credit: The Ohio Star

He deserves to get retribution for what happened…

The attorney of Quillette editor Andy Ngo, Harmeet Dhillon, came on Tuesday’s “Fox & Friends” to address the weekend assault Ngo had at Antifa’s hands in Portland, OR.

Dhillon disclosed that she intends to hold officers of the Portland government, including Mayor Ted Wheeler, responsible for the brutal beating endured by her client.

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“This cannot go on in America,” Dhillon stated. “And I do intend to hold the city government and potentially the mayor under … the fullest extent of the law. And there are some legal precedents that help me. It’s an uphill battle, but we are putting together a legal fund to sue everybody responsible for these attacks.”

“I’m going to sue everybody who the facts and the law support being sued, and I mean everybody,” she advised.

Dhillon went on to point out that even law enforcement continued to put Ngo “in further danger” by forcing him to cross through his attackers to receive medical treatment.

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