Alyssa Milano ROASTED By NFL Pro

Image credit: statdepartmentwatch

Actress Alyssa Milano is getting a verbal beat down for one NFL star over her remarks regarding abortion. 

While appearing on CNN, Milano dared to claim that newly invoked pro-life laws will “affect the communities of color more than anything,” and that the effect on black women would be “catastrophic.”

“I feel like any woman of privilege that lives in one of these states — if this goes through — they’re gonna be able to travel to a state to get a safe, uh, reproductive health care,” she explained. “But for the women of color, for the women that are marginalized, for the women that are low-income communities, for the women that are most at-risk, these bill will be catastrophic,” the actress said. 

However this didn’t go over to well with NFL star Benjamin Watson who berated Milano over Twitter for behavior he considered ignorant, racist or both. 

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Watson has been a diligent pro-life supporter. Championing the rewards of family, children and parenting.

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