AG Barr Silences “Defund Police” Movement

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This needed to be said.

In a recent interview with Fox’s “Hannity,” Attorney General William Barr reminded Americans, that while the “Defund the Police” movement runs rampant across major cities, most of the people protesting to defund the police won’t be affected by the negative effects while the black community could be profoundly harmed.

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According to Breitbart, Barr stated, “Well, lives are being lost in violent crime and the demonization of the police. Carmen Best is an example of the highly competent and professional and dedicated police professionals we have in this country. We’re blessed with that throughout the country. They’re excellent, and she is a great example of it, and we should be supporting them. And being a police officer is one of the — it is the hardest job in the United States. We’re asking people to go into very dangerous situations, to have jobs that are terribly wearing on them as individuals and on their families, to go into potentially deadly situations not knowing what will happen, and we have to continue to attract the best people into these jobs, and unless we support the police, we’re not going to have a police force. These communities are not going to have the safety. Now, a lot of the liberals will buy themselves out of that. They’ll go to resort towns and so forth, and they’ll escape the consequences of it. But the people in the inner cities won’t. Their lives will be destroyed. Their opportunity will be — they won’t have the opportunity they otherwise would have. Their schools will be overrun by gangs. That’s not caring about black lives.”

You can watch a clip of Barr’s comments here.

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